As a child I dream of boarding a plane that will take me anywhere

It doesn’t matter where as long as I’m lifted up thousands of feet in the air

As long as I can fly

I press my face to the glass and see the earth shrinking below me

Oceans and continents sweep past my window


When I read I am a spirit on the wind

I dance on the clouds and sing with the angels

I speak countless languages and confer with kings and queens, devils and saints

I climb the highest mountain and sail toward the setting sun

I build towers that reach the sky

I can save the world with a smile and destroy it in the blink of an eye

I am in love with the gods


Close your books and come down to earth foolish girl

It isn’t proper for wanderlust to guide you

You are not a child of the moon

Now you must touch with your own hands

See with your own eyes

Listen with your own ears

This is the real world


I am a traveler between two worlds I reply

I am my own pilot now

I read as the eagle soars

I fly beyond the horizon and never look back


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